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My dental heath before I came into Dr. Das at Clear Lake Dental wasn’t so great. I had a lot of cavities and irritation and sensitivity in my mouth. When I came in the staff was so comforting and helpful in every way possible. I recommended my whole family and they al love Clear Lake Dental as well. Dr. Das does an amazing job at keeping you relaxed and pain free. I will definitely continue to refer others here.

— Nate Tayler

My new smile has completely change my life! I can smile without have to worry about my yellow teeth showing. When I smile now, I feel more confident than ever before. I can wear lipstick that shows of my new smile were before I wouldn’t dare wear it. I feel pretty and complete. My whole self image is ten times better! I’ve struggled my whole life, being teased and feeling bad about myself because of my smile. Now I’ve found that all those years have made me stronger and more appreciative of my new smile. I don’t have to worry anymore about the way my teeth look. I didn’t have white teeth for my graduation from nursing school but I will have a beautiful smile for my upcoming wedding! I can’t thank you enough for my new smile and my new life!

— Jennifer M

Dr. Das has the most polite and professional staff. I call in the last minute to have a tooth pulled, and they took me in within 4 hours just before the Thanksgiving holiday. No pain, no fear of what was about to take place. I rate this visit #5, best I ever had.

— CR Tilly

I have had awful experiences in the past, so I was not looking forward to this appointment. I found Karen to be very enduring as she knew I was very anxious. Her gentle approach and kindness was unremarkable. Dr. Das was gentle and kind as well. He made me feel that he truly wanted to help me achieve my goal to be able to smile again and not be embarrassed about my appearance. He took the time to explain all of my options and now it is just a matter of time before I will proceed to accomplish my goal.

— Penny – Webster, TX

Clear Lake Dental was actually referred to me by a friend of mine. I had always found it difficult to find a dentist office that made me feel comfortable and helped me understand my treatment. Ever since my first visit to Clear Lake Dental, Dr. Das, I knew I had found my dentist. Everyone in the office is helpful, nice, and the environment is pleasant. I have suggested to all of my family and friends that they come here for all of their dental needs. It is definitely worth the drive from Baytown to Clear Lake to know I will be comfortable and taken care of at Clear Lake Dental.

— Heidi – Baytown, TX

The office staff is a team, and I can see them working together to get things done. I like that!

— Esther – Friendswood, TX

A special thanks to all the ladies in finance who were so wonderfully professional, knowledgeable and empathetic to our financial fears – a heartfelt “thank you!” What a great team you have!

— Tim – Houston, TX

I can’t imagine having dental implants done by anyone/anywhere else. Dr. Das and his entire staff is personable, professional, and caring. Thank you, my friends for all you’ve done for me. My dental health before I came into Dr. Das wasn’t so great. I had a lot of cavities and irritation and sensitivity in my mouth. When I came in, the staff was so comforting and helpful in every way possible. I recommended my whole family and they all love Clear Lake Dental Care as well. Dr. Das does an amazing job at keeping you relaxed and pain free. I will definitely continue to refer others here!

— Halee – Webster, TX

I would highly recommend Clear Lake Dental care as they did an excellent job with my cosmetic dentistry and other needed dental care. I had a very difficult situation with my teeth as they are not so easy to work with! I chose Dr. Das because I am from Southern California and I noted that he had studied at UCLA and done his residency out west. Most cosmetic procedures both dental and others originate in Southern California due to the entertainment industry so I knew he had to be well trained. Well, I was not disappointed! I could have chosen a local dentist in Baytown to avoid the drive to Webster, but I believe I made the right choice and continue to receive the best care possible. Thanks so much for all the attentive care received at Clear Lake Dental Care.

— Bobbie F.

This practice is top notch! First class in knowledge of staff, latest technology and exceptional service!

— Luke A.

I always have such a great experience when I come to Clear Lake Dental. Dr. Das and his team are so friendly and very knowledgeable. The office itself is beautiful with modern decor. I live in Houston and drive the distance just to be a
patient there. A couple of my friends go there now as well and they love it!

— Kat T.

The staff at Clear Lake Dental Care was amazing. I have been to several dentists to address some serious dental issues. Dr. Das completed the procedures in half the time that other dentists said it would take. I am thrilled with the results. The staff was great and so helpful through the process.

— Neeta G.

In Nov 2012, I began the process if implants with dentures. In July 2013, I received my final plates and after just a few adjustments I am very pleased with the process and the finished product. Since the end of July 2013, I have been able to eat anything I desired without pain or slippage of the dentures. I no longer need Fixodent or any other adhesive. I highly recommend Clear Lake Dental Care for your dental needs. The doctors and technicians are serious about your dental health and do their utmost to keep the pain level to a minimum. Everyone there are very friendly and really care about your needs and concerns. Also, you don’t have to wait for an appointment like most other facilities. I have been able to see the doctor or technician within 24 hours. Thank you Dr. DAs and to your staff and keep up the good work.

— Richard Y.

Clear Lake Dental care’s team are among the best. I have a three year experience with these people as a patient. I have implanted 6 teeth so far. Dr. Das has done an extra ordinary job in implanting tooth at hard area to reach with an inherent minimum bone and gum at place. He fixed and constructed the necessary base for a solid and beautiful implant that I am chewing on for years by now, and I am positive that they’ll stay there for many years to come. Therefore, don’t hesitate to stop by at Clear Lake Dental Care for a check up! Maybe a better smile and a better and healthier bite is waiting for you by implanting an impeccable substitute to those rotted ones!! Good Luck to you all and good luck to Clear Dental Care folks!

— Professor Rooz

I didn’t go to any dentist after having horrible experiences since I was a teenager. Unfortunately I began to lose my teeth as well as my beautiful smile and confidence. I received several advertisement cards from Clear Lake Dental, as well as other Dental offices. After the holidays in 2013 I felt so embarressed because all the pictures of my were awful. It was then I received another advertisement from CLake Dental and told my husband I was going to make an appointment and see how it goes. I first met Karen and hit it off right from the start. It felt like we were friends for years. After having the 3-D x-ray and her explaining the procedure I met with Dr. Das. I have always been intimidated by male dentist and was very uncomfortable at first. Dr. Das and I talked all about my fears and horrible experiences I have had in the past. He was very understanding, compassionate, and caring. He explained all that I needed to have done and that I was a candidate for dental implants (which in the past I was told I was not a good candidate) and that we would do this procedure in several steps so that he could make sure that the posts would connect to my jaw bones before he went any further. I was in agreement as I don’t believe in the “all in one day” method. It is now July and at my last visit I saw what my new teeth looked like. A few minor adjustments will need to be made but in less than 2 weeks I will have my new teeth and I am elated. During the last 6 months I have had temporary teeth and no one knew that they were temps. I have had only great reactions from family and friends. I owe all of this to Dr. Das and his awesome staff. Dr. Das is the only dentist I will continue to see as well as his assistant Renee. She is totally the best assistant, tech, as well as an awesome person. She is my best friend and she is so excited for me. I think she is more excited and anxious to see the end results. By the way, anytime I had an issue or problem, there was always someone available to assist. Renee would take my phone call immediately and if she was unavailable she would call me back immediately. Dr. Das also makes himself available to talk with you about anything. I can not say enough about Dr. Das and his incredible staff. If you are looking for a new dentist, I highly recommend Clear Lake Dental Care, Dr. Das and his staff use the newest technology as well as fabulous patient care!

— Corkie P.

I have been going to Clear Lake Dental Care for a couple of years now and I am very impressed with the consistent quality of care that they provide. I thankfully have never needed anything other than cleanings but I have always felt that they are thorough and attentive. The demeanor of the office staff and practitioners is always friendly and professional. My dad hadn’t been to the dentist in years and woke up one day with an abscess that needed immediate attention. He went to my mom’s dentist and was told he needed some very invasive and costly procedures including extractions and implants. He was troubled by the prospect of going through all of that so I mentioned to him that he should give my dentist a try for a second opinion before having his teeth pulled. He did and he ended up getting some simple dental procedures from Clear Lake Dental Care and was able to keep all of his teeth. The two of us actually went for a routine cleaning together this week. He was so impressed with their services that he now gets regular dental care. Clear Lake Dental Care not only keeps my teeth healthy, but I also believe that they saved my dad’s teeth and quite possibly his health. Thank you Clear Lake Dental Care!!!

— Emily N.

I had my wisdom teeth removed a week ago. I don’t remember much on the procedure but overall it was a good experience. The entire staff was great. Dr Das was great! I felt comfortable with everything. I definitely have made Dr.Das my dentist for any of my dental needs. I was refered by my little sister. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

— Liz B.

Dr. Das is the BEST Dentist you’ll ever find! He’s extremely professional, and attentive to your needs. I was fearful of going to the dentist, and avoided seeing one for years; (literally) I’ve endure several painful cavities, and overly sensitive teeth all because I was afraid of seeing a Dentist! The minute I walked in to Dr. Das office, I was instantly greeted by his courteous staff, and his professional nurse Kathy! Dr. Das came into the consult room and explained EVERYTHING that he discovered from my x-ray exam! I was extremely anxious, and he assured me I had NOTHING to worry about! And he was absolutely RIGHT!!! Weeks later, Dr. Das performed my root canal, and I didn’t feel ANYTHING. NO PAIN THE NEXT DAY, or the days after!! If you’re fearful of dentists and looking for a professional, caring, nice, patient, and knowledgeable dentist, then Dr. Das is the one for you!!! Don’t wait, make your appointment today!!!

— Sonia G

If you want a pleasant dental experience try Clear Lake Dental Care. I just completed having intensive dental treatment, including root canal, several crowns, and a crown bridge. Needless, to say, in the past my experiences have not been the greatest. Now, I no longer fear going to the dentist. I love the nitrous oxide gas! From the receptionist to the dental assistants to the dentists, they take their time with you and explain in detail whatever you need to know. I m very pleased with my dental work, and am pleased to recommend Clear Lake Dental Care.

— Jo Ann

I hated my partial and would only wear it when I was around people. It covered the roof of my mouth and altered the taste of my food. I saw your advertisement for the implants with permanent teeth and knew that’s what I wanted. I was asleep during the whole procedure, so I really didn’t even know I had it done. The night of the procedure I was able to eat with my new teeth, and the next day I didn’t even need pain medication. I’m able to eat what I want with no problems. I would highly recommend the “Teeth-in-an-Hour” procedure, in fact, I plan to do my bottom teeth when the time comes.

— Jim Spears

All my life I have hated going to the dentist, until coming to Dr. Das’ office. I have no tolerance for pain and dental work, even the noise is a problem for me. I have and will continue to refer anyone to Dr. Das as I have never found a dentist or staff that is nicer, more professional, and yet very personal. Each staff member that I have dealt with has been wonderful. They ALL care. I have no pain and a smile that I am proud of. I hope you do not change a thing. I really appreciate the fact that I don’t have a long wait when I have an appointment. Dr. Das makes me feel that I am as important to him as he is to me. Thanks to all of you for everything.

— Karen Perez

I have never had a problem with any treatment I have received from Dr. Das. When I had an implant done, I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what to expect and I was nervous about the cost. But Dr. Das and his staff explained everything to me in detail before the procedure, and there were plenty of payment options I could choose from. My advice to anyone considering treatment with Dr. Das is don’t question it – it is very gentle, well explained care!

— Joan Stillwell

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated your kindness. I was pleasantly surprised by the gentle nature of each person. Coming back to have the actual procedure done was no easy task for me. However, the way each person reached out to make sure I was comfortable made it easier. This is a fear that many of my family members also have. I heard from several of them yesterday and they are now considering making their own appointments. They all know how deep my fear is and have said if I can find the courage, maybe they can too. The only advice I gave them was to call your office. I was able to share with them some of the new technologies that are available. The only way I know about these is through your kind staff. Thank you for allowing me to see how a visit to the dentist should be. Your staff is truly one of a kind.

— Candice Boston

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