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The Tooth-Colored Cavity Correction

If you have a piece of paper handy, make a list of 10 adults who you know. They can be anyone — family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Now try to guess which one has never had a cavity.

According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, more than 90 percent of American adults will have at least one cavity during their lives. In other words, there’s a decent chance that everyone on your list has had or will have a cavity at some point.

That’s true for you, too. If you haven’t had a cavity, keep brushing, flossing, and visiting the dentist for routine cleanings. Maybe you can be the lucky 1 in 10 on someone else’s list.

It’s more likely that you are or will be among the 9 in 10 who will need a dental filling at some point. When you do, we encourage you to visit Clear Lake Dental Care. If you live in or near Webster, TX, our dentists can help with tooth colored fillings.

What Fillings Are For

Dental fillings have been a standard part of modern general dentistry for decades. Fillings serve two primary purposes.

If you have tooth decay, that means bacteria has eaten into the protective enamel on your teeth. Enamel is the hardest substance on the human body.

You want to have the tooth decay removed as soon as possible once you notice it. If the decay eats through the enamel, it may reach the soft pulp at the center of your tooth. This can lead to the kind of tooth infection that requires a root canal treatment.

Fixing a cavity is a much simpler and less invasive procedure.

After removing the decay, a filling material is placed into the opening. The filling restores the shape of your tooth, which makes it easier to bite and chew your food.

The filling also provides a layer of protection. This reduces your risk of developing a new cavity on that tooth.

Kinds Of Fillings

Metal fillings have been used for a long time, but today, you have the option of tooth bonding instead. Bonding involves the placement of a composite resin on your decayed tooth.

Any of these options will serve the primary purposes of a dental filling. They will restore the shape of your tooth, and they will provide protection against more decay.

Gold has been used as a filling material for a long time. While durable, it’s also the most expensive way to repair your teeth, and it can be pretty distracting when you smile or speak.

Amalgam fillings save money by replacing gold with mercury and a blend of other metals (usually copper, silver, or tin). While effective, this also has the drawback of being metallic. Depending on the location of your cavity, this can affect the appearance of your smile.

With dental bonding, we are able to create a white filling that blends in with your teeth. This way you get the same restorative and protective benefits of a filling, but you can effectively hide where your cavity was. Your tooth decay doesn’t have to be a distraction with tooth bonding.

Other Reasons To Consider Tooth Bonding

One of the problems with all dental fillings is they are not permanent. Over time, they chip. They crack. They wear down, and they can separate from your teeth. If you let them go long enough, they will even fall out.

If you notice any of these issues or if we notice them when you come for your routine cleanings and examinations, then you will know that it’s time to replace your old filling.

No matter what kind of filling you had before, we can replace it with our tooth colored fillings. That cavity you had when you were a teenager shouldn’t ruin your smile for the rest of your life.

You also may be interested into knowing a few other ways we use dental bonding to repair teeth.

Chipped or worn down teeth can be rebuilt with our composite resin. It’s a good way to fix cracked teeth as well. (Please keep in mind that broken teeth or deep cracks will likely require a different kind of treatment.)

Find Out If Tooth Bonding Could Help You

Our dentists have routinely used dental bonding to fix problems for our patients in and around Webster, TX. To find out if they could help you, too, all you need to do is make an appointment at Clear Lake Dental Care by calling 281-500-9877 or by filling out our online form.

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