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Hello and welcome to another September edition of our blog!

We hope that your Fall is off to a great start and that you have plenty of reasons to smile during this busy season.

Dr. Das enjoys spending time with each of our patients, as does the rest of our team, but we also realize that you would probably rather be spending that time with your family or at the office so you don’t fall behind on your work

We get it!

That’s why we are proud to feature CEREC dental crowns at our Webster, TX dentist’s office. That’s just one of the ways in which we have improved the dental experience for our loyal friends. It really is all about getting you the service you need, when you need it.

Keep reading to hear more about our amazing CEREC restorative solution, and then be sure to follow up with our team to schedule your next appointment!

Dental Crowns

Crowns have been around for years.

But, fortunately, they have evolved over time. The materials used in modern dental crowns are both stronger and more lifelike than the stuff we used in earlier eras of dentistry. That is good news for you and your smile. Crowns are now tougher and last longer than they used to. Plus, they look a lot better!

Around here, we use crowns to correct a fix of problems, including the following:


If a cavity is too large to fill, a dental crown is a great option for sealing the tooth and restoring its shape.

Broken & Cracked Teeth

People break and crack their teeth all the time. It can take place when you least expect it to, and when it happens, a dental crown can help!

Infected Teeth

You may need a root canal procedure to remove the infection from your teeth, then a dental crown to seal and protect the tooth from reinfection.

Stained Or Discolored Teeth

It’s entirely possible that a traumatic impact can affect one or a couple teeth and cause them to turn darker than the rest of your teeth. This is a situation when a dental crown can have a cosmetic benefit by restoring the original color of those teeth.

What’s So Special About CEREC?

With CEREC, you won’t have to wait around for weeks and weeks to get a permanent crown. We are able to make your crown while you are here with our in-office milling machine.

It is a minor miracle of modern dentistry. Using a computer program, we can design the shape of your dental crown.

The milling machine uses that information to reshape a cube of porcelain into the shape of a replacement tooth.

Before you leave, we can bond your permanent dental crown.

You don’t have to get a temporary crown, and you don’t have to make a second appointment to finish the procedure.

How’s that for service?

Your Smile Can’t Wait!

We hope you have been inspired by today’s post! To find out more about our dental crown or our other restorative services, all you need to do is contact us today. We can’t wait to see you at Clear Lake Dental Care!

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