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Save Time While Saving Your Tooth With A CEREC Dental Crown

How much do you like coming to the dentist office? We hope all of our patients enjoy spending time at Clear Lake Dental Care, but we understand that you would probably prefer to spend more time with your family and friends.

That’s why we are proud to offer CEREC dental crowns at our dentist office in Webster, TX. We are able to create your crowns in our office and bond them to your teeth in a single visit.

This means one fewer trips to the dentist office for you and less time away from work, your friends, and your family. CEREC same-day dental crowns are just one of the many services we provide.

To get a dental crown for yourself, contact us online to make an appointment with one of our dentists.


Getting A CEREC Dental Crown

We want every patient at Clear Lake Dental Care to benefit from the advances in modern dentistry. Our dentists have made continuing education a priority. This is how we stay up to date on the best techniques and technology, including CEREC crowns.

CEREC is an abbreviation for ceramic restoration. These crowns are made of durable ceramic materials. This means they look, feel, and function like your natural teeth when they are placed in your mouth.

When you get a CEREC crown, the process is pretty simple. After examining your teeth, we will scan them. This scan is sent to a computer that uses that information to create a dental crown that matches the shape and size of your natural teeth.

We will remove the damaged, decayed, or discolored parts of your tooth to form a support for your dental crown. When it’s ready, we will check the fit and then bond it to your tooth. In a matter of just a few hours, you could have a dental crown that restores your tooth’s appearance and usefulness.


Getting A Different Dental Crown

To better understand the benefit of getting a CEREC same-day dental crown, we need to compare it to the process of getting other dental crowns. If you went somewhere other than Clear Lake Dental Care, the process might go something like this.

First, you would make an appointment for the dentist to examine your teeth. Depending on the office, the dentist may scan your teeth or make an impression. The scan or the impression will be sent to a dental laboratory.

The dentist will then reshape your tooth to form the same kind of support we described above. The difference is that he or she will place a temporary crown on your tooth before you leave. You will wear this to protect your tooth until your permanent dental crown is ready. Hopefully, nothing will happen to cause this temporary crown to break or come loose.

The dental laboratory will make a dental crown when they get around to it. It could take weeks before your dental crown is complete. This can vary depending on one many other orders came in before yours and how far the lab is from the dentist’s office.

When your dental crown is ready, you will need to make another trip to the dentist to have it placed. Then, you will finally have your tooth restored.

Why not save yourself time and an extra trip by coming to our dentist office in Webster, TX, instead? Contact us if you are ready to find out if a CEREC dental crown could help you.


Why You Might Want A Dental Crown

Earlier we noted that we remove the damaged, decayed, or discolored parts of your teeth. This gives you an idea of how we can use dental crowns to fix:

▸ Broken or chipped teeth

▸ Decayed teeth

▸ Discolored teeth

▸ Misshapen teeth

▸ Teeth that have received multiple replacement fillings

▸ Teeth that have received a root canal treatment

▸ Worn down teeth

The process of repairing any of these problems is similar to what we described above. With a root canal treatment, we would first need to fill in the inside of the teeth (since infected pulp was removed), and the dental crown would seal and protect the tooth against another infection.

There is one other use for dental crowns worth mentioning. If you lose a tooth, we can place a dental crown on a dental implant. The implant replaces the root of your missing tooth, and the dental crown gives you a complete tooth replacement.


Is A CEREC Dental Crown Right For You?

To find out, schedule an appointment at Clear Lake Dental Care today. Contact us with our online form today to ask how you can get one of our CEREC dental crowns.

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