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Less Stress Can Help Your TMJ


Our Webster, TX dental office treats patients who suffer from TMJ disorder. TMJ refers to your jaw joint. When you strain the muscles in that joint it can cause several symptoms:

  • Pain in your jaw, neck, or shoulders
  • Lockjaw
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Difficulties chewing
  • Clicking sounds when you speak or eat

While Dr. Das may make several recommendations after diagnosing your TMJ:

  • Eat soft foods to give your jaw muscles a break
  • Get a custom mouthguard to relieve tension
  • Pain relief medication or muscle relaxers
  • Stretching and massaging your jaw

But he will also likely want to talk to you about stress in your life. Stress can exacerbate your TMJ disorder. There are several ways you can combat stress in your life. Let’s take a look at some. Also, you should feel free to call Clear Lake Dental Care at 281-500-9877.

5 Tips For Reducing Your Stress

#1 Get A Full Night’s Sleep

It’s easy to feel on edge and stressed out when you aren’t getting a full night’s sleep. Sleep is a time for your body to recharge and relax. To help yourself get more sleep, try to go to bed around the same time everyday and get up around the same time everyday. Having a routine really helps your body sleep better.

You should also avoid looking at your phone, a laptop, or a TV shortly before bedtime. The light exposure can make it more difficult for you to drift off to sleep. If you’re struggling sleeping, you can ask your primary doctor about solutions.

#2 Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise not only keeps you healthy, it can do wonders for your mental and emotional help. Physical activity makes it easier for you to sleep at night and less likely that you’ll have to deal with your thoughts racing.
When begin a new exercise regimen, it’s important to take it slow and not to try to do too at once. Or you could injure yourself. Find an activity that you can easily do several times a week. And then lay your head down on your pillow each night and be amazed by how quickly you doze off.

#3 Schedule Down Time

It’s important to make time for yourself. It’s easy to get carried away with work obligations and family. But you’ll soon realize that burning the candle at both ends can be super stressful. And when you’re stressed out, it’s hard to be of help to anyone. You deserve to unwind as much as the next person.

By scheduling time that you specifically spend with yourself that is quiet and peaceful, you’re charging up your batteries. Don’t feel guilty about this time. Everyone deserves a little down time. Once you’re recharged, you’ll find it easier to support your friends and family.

#4 Unplug From the World

News. Social media. Emails. The overabundance of information can make you feel overwhelmed. It doesn’t hurt to unplug sometimes. Whether you only allow yourself an hour a day to see what’s happening on the internet or you refuse to open a laptop or look at a smartphone for the entire weekend. It’s up to you.

If you’re worried about missing out on important moments in your friends’ and familes’ lives, you can go old school and call them on the phone to catch up. Or you can schedule sometime to meet in person. Most people will respect your effort that you put in for maintaining friendships.

#5 Take Up Meditation

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress. If you can’t see yourself chanting in unison with over practitioners, don’t worry. There are many different types of meditation. It’s not hard to find the type that appeals to you. Then you can either teach yourself, find an app, or see if there’s a local collective who can teach you their ways.

Even simply sitting and focusing on your breathing can help you feel more relaxed in tense situations. Meditation tends to ground you in the moment. So, your worries about the future can’t put you under emotional duress if you head them off at the pass. Whenever you notice that you’re clenching your jaw, take a moment to recenter yourself and meditate, so your jaw will relax.

Don’t let store stress in your jaw. Try out these relaxation tips and then call us for treatment if you suspect you have TMJ. For an appointment, please call us at 281-500-9877.


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