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A Permanent Teeth Replacement System In Webster, TX

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As your trusted source for restorative dentistry solutions, we know how awful it can be losing multiple teeth as an adult. The cumulative effect on the appearance and functionality of your mouth can be devastating.

But there is hope!

Keep reading to hear what we can do for you, and then be sure to get in touch with our team to schedule your consultation in our Webster, Texas dentist’s office.

A Dire Situation

Regardless of how it happens, when you are missing a full arch of teeth, it can change the look and structure of your face, which warps your self-identity in a way. It certainly changes the way that others view you.

That’s because once you lose teeth, you lose bone density too. This can give your cheeks a collapsed appearance and make you appear much older than you actually are.

So, you won’t be happy about your looks, which will wreck your confidence and your social calendar. But this condition can also destroy your health.

Think about it: when you don’t have enough teeth, you can’t bite into things properly, and you can’t effectively chew healthy, fiber-rich foods. This won’t be a very good strategy for achieving health and wellness.

Permanent Teeth Replacement Makes Life Better

We know that you will have been in a dark place following tooth loss. But there is some light in the darkness. At Clear Lake Dental Care, we have some forward-looking ways to save your smile.

Dental implants are a great solution because like your natural roots, your implants stimulate the jawbone spurring new growth. This growth keeps your jawbone healthy and prevents bone loss.

To get the full impact of a dental implant, you need to attach something to replace the crowns of your teeth as well. If you were missing one tooth, we would add a dental crown. If you lost three or four teeth, we would recommend a dental bridge.

If you need to replace a full arch of teeth, however, Our Permanent Teeth Replacement System may be your most viable option. With this unique technique, you can go from having almost no teeth to having the appearance of a full set of teeth all in one day.

An Easy Out

Here’s the deal: our permanent teeth replacement system places four implants in your jaw. There will be two in the front, and two angled in the back. These are then anchored to replacement teeth to give you a completely secure smile.

You can rest assured that our system will give you back both the look of your real teeth and something very close to the functionality of those teeth as well.

Your unique implants are held securely in place by your jawbone, and that gives you significantly more stability than you can expect with other kinds of artificial solutions. This will translate into more confidence, better health, and a happier, longer life for you.

Get Started Today!

Ready to take the next step? Contact our Webster, TX office to schedule your Permanent Teeth Replacement consultation. We’ll get you smiling big before you know it!

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