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How Nitrous Oxide Can Be Used In Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry Webster, TX If there’s one thing we believe in its good dental care but if there’s one thing we aren’t believers in it’s our patients being too scared to come in and see us. If you have a fear of coming into the dentist, we understand and we won’t take it personally, but we do have a solution that will help you ditch your fears and still get your teeth cleaned. How? Sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry was designed to help patients who are scared of the dentist by using sedation. One of the methods of sedation that we use at our office is nitrous oxide.

What’s Nitrous Oxide?

You may have never heard of nitrous oxide before but you’ve likely heard of laughing gas— the good news is that they are the same. Nitrous oxide is ideal for patients who have mild to moderate anxiety and it can be used on both children and adults.

To start out, you will inhale the laughing gas through a small rubber mask that’s placed over your nose. This mask is attached to a hose that pumps the right amounts of nitrogen and oxygen which you inhale. Typically, about 5 minutes into it, you will feel the effects which will just help you feel calm and relaxed. Once the procedure is over, you should feel back to yourself in just a few minutes and you can even drive yourself home right after.

Why IsNitrous Oxide Popular?

We personally like to use nitrous oxide over other forms of sedation because it’s safer and it doesn’t have any side effects. Plus, you will feel so calm and relaxed during your cleaning or dental procedure that you won’t notice much of anything.

If you are sick of being anxious about the dentist, then schedule an appointment with us to learn more about sedation dentistry. Contact our Webster office at 281-557-8097.


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