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Wisdom Teeth Removal

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Wisdom teeth generally push through your gums between the ages of 17 and 25. If they come in and begin to crowd your other teeth, become impacted, or get infected, they will need to be removed. The removal of wisdom teeth is a procedure that is done pretty much the same at every dental practice. The big difference is how you’re treated during your procedure and how comfortable you are made to feel while you are having the procedure done. At Clear Lake Dental Care, we stand apart from the rest in any way we can, and when it comes to removing your wisdom teeth, we do this with superior patient care, sedation options, and a superbly comfortable office. You’ll be glad that you had your wisdom teeth removed at Clear Lake Dental Care!

How Your Wisdom Teeth Removal Will Go

When you come in to have your wisdom teeth removed at Clear Lake Dental Care, you will be brought back to a comfortable room where your wisdom teeth extraction will take place. The first thing we will do is provide you with local anesthesia and sedate you to ensure that you feel no pain. In fact, with some forms of sedation, you may not even remember the procedure. As far as you know, you will have been asleep and when you wake up, the procedure will be finished.

One thing that the doctors at Clear Lake Dental Care take great pride in is being able to effectively administer anesthesia and sedation so that you will be comfortable. Our doctors have decades of experience with anesthesia and sedation, so you can feel at ease when you come in for your wisdom teeth removal.

We’ll Make Sure You’re Comfortable During Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

Something that makes us stand out from the others who perform wisdom teeth removal is that we are very conscious of how comfortable our office is for our patients. At no point during your wisdom teeth removal will you ever feel uncomfortable. Having teeth extracted from your mouth is about as uncomfortable sounding as it gets, but we assure you that with our experienced staff and comfortable office, you will always be comfortable at Clear Lake Dental Care!

Preparing for Your Wisdom Teeth Removal

One thing that you’ll have to be prepared for is getting home after your wisdom teeth removal. After you come out of your procedure, you’ll still feel the effects of the anesthesia, and you will need a ride home. Please plan ahead to make sure everything goes smoothly.

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