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If you’re looking for an immediate solution to missing teeth, Teeth in a Day implants can restore your smile and full chewing ability in just ONE day. Dr. Das is one of the few specialists in the area offering this breakthrough procedure for patients who don’t want to go without teeth for a long time. Unlike conventional dental implants that are placed in stages, Teeth in a Day implants are placed at the same time as the dental crown or denture.

Instant Smile Transformation

Teeth in a Day is an immediate-loading implant procedure developed in Europe more than a decade ago. Traditional implants are placed surgically into the jaw and allowed to fuse with the bone. It takes several weeks before the replacement teeth can be attached to the implant.

With Teeth in a Day, the implant and replacement teeth are placed on the same day. Instead of waiting months for the implant to integrate with bone and for the gums to heal, you can have fully functional teeth in a single visit.

Not many dental practices offer Teeth in a Day. Your Webster dentist has the skills and experience to place immediate-loading replacement teeth supported by dental implants. Immediate attachment of the dentures or crown is ideal for multiple implants that are linked together.

Benefits of Teeth in a Day Implants

Teeth in a Day implants work just like conventional implants. They replace the tooth roots and provide a strong anchor for replacement teeth. They prevent bone deterioration at the implant site and restore full chewing ability. They are also immediately stable.

During the consultation with Dr. Das, he will examine your mouth and jaw thoroughly. This usually requires X-rays and 3D scanning. He will also review your health history and recommend the best way to achieve your dream smile.

How It Will Help Ease Your Busy Schedule

A main draw of Teeth in a Day is that you will not have to make multiple appointments to receive your brand-new smile! At other practices, you will have to make multiple appointments to have you smile transformed. At Clear Lake Dental Care, we will perform your implant in one less visit to our office. Not having to come in for a second appointment clears an entire day where you can get the things done that need to be done during your busy day. Not only will be get it done in less time than other practices, we will do it with extreme accuracy – and you will benefit by leaving the office with a full smile! When we are done, you’ll be excited that you chose to have your Teeth in a Day performed at Clear Lake Dental Care.

Ready for a new smile?

People choose Clear Lake Dental Care because of our experienced staff and elite dental services! If you want to choose us, call 281-557-8097 now to make an appointment with your Webster, TX dentist. You can also request an appointment online. Clear Lake Dental Care: changing lives, one smile at a time!

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