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If you’re looking for an immediate solution to missing teeth, Teeth in a Day implants can restore your smile and full chewing ability in just one day. Dr. Das is one of the few specialists in the area offering this breakthrough permanent teeth replacement procedure for patients who don’t want to go without teeth for a long time. Unlike conventional dental implants that are placed in stages, Teeth in a Day implants are placed at the same time as the dental crown or denture.

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What is the Teeth in a Day Procedure?

Teeth in a Day is an immediate-loading implant procedure developed in Europe more than a decade ago. Traditional implants are placed surgically into the jaw and allowed to fuse with the bone. It takes several weeks before the replacement teeth can be attached to the implant. With Teeth in a Day, the implant and replacement teeth are placed on the same day. Instead of waiting months for the implant to integrate with bone and for the gums to heal, you can have fully functional teeth in a single visit.

What Is The All-On-Four Approach?

All-on-Four dental implants are a Teeth in a Day option for patients that have lost all of the upper or lower teeth, or if the remaining teeth are so badly damaged that they need to be extracted. To replace all of the teeth with implants is impractical: there are 28 total teeth in the human mouth! Instead, this approach uses four implants on the upper jaw and four implants on the lower jaw to anchor a fixed full-arch prosthetic.

Benefits of Teeth in a day implants

Teeth in a Day and All-on-Four implants work just like conventional implants. They replace the tooth roots and provide a strong anchor for replacement teeth. Whether you are getting all or just some of your teeth replaced there are benefits to choosing Teeth in a Day. Some of the benefits include:

  • Full set of natural-looking teeth
  • Enjoy all foods you like. No limited diet.
  • Easy to care for, just treat them like regular teeth
  • Minimal procedures and visits compared to all other implant procedures
  • Long-lasting smile that never has to be removed
  • Prevents sunken jaw appearance due to missing teeth
  • Look & feel years younger
  • Talk with confidence. No slippage.

Dr. Das explains the benefits of the permanent teeth replacement procedure.

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“I can’t imagine having dental implants done by anyone/anywhere else. Dr. Das and his entire staff is personable, professional, and caring. Thank you, my friends for all you’ve done for me. My dental health before I came into Dr. Das wasn’t so great. I had a lot of cavities and irritation and sensitivity in my mouth. When I came in, the staff was so comforting and helpful in every way possible. I recommended my whole family and they all love Clear Lake Dental Care as well. Dr. Das does an amazing job at keeping you relaxed and pain free. I will definitely continue to refer others here!” — Halee (Webster, TX)

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Who is a Candidate for one-Day Dental Implants?

You may be able to receive permanent teeth replacements even if your jaw is too thin for traditional implants. Dr. Das is an implant expert with a great deal of experience placing different types of implants. He will examine your mouth and jawbone structure extensively to figure out which type of implant suits you best.

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Before & After All-on-Four Dental implants

The Permanent Teeth Replacement Procedure

The Teeth in a Day and All-on-Four implant procedures are largely the same. First, patients will come in for a consultation. During your consultation with Dr. Das, he will examine your mouth and jaw thoroughly. This usually requires X-rays and 3D scanning. He will also review your health history and recommend the best way to achieve your dream smile.

Then, Dr. Das will start the Teeth in a Day procedure by placing the appropriate amount of implants into place. Once these implants are in place, we attach a temporary full set of teeth onto your implants. These are temporary teeth that will stay in your mouth while the implants integrate into the jaw. During this time, we have your permanent full-arch prosthetic or prosthetics created. When your implants are fully part of your jawbone, you return and we remove the temporary teeth and place your permanent full-arch prosthetic.

Dr. Das explains how All-on-Four Dental Implants are Different

How Much Do Teeth in A Day Dental Implants Cost?

The Price for your brand new dental implants can vary depending on how much work needs to be done with the mouth. The most important part of this procedure is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Das because it’s important to know much work needs to be put in to achieve your new smile.

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What Are The Dangers Of Not Replacing Missing Teeth With New Implants?

When you have made the conscious decision to not replace your missing teeth, not only will your oral health suffer but also your appearance. If your teeth aren’t replaced, the roots of the teeth aren’t replaced. Consequently, having no roots present lead to bone and gum tissue deterioration. When you lose bone and gum tissue in your mouth, the natural teeth that you have left can lose support and begin to shift out of place.

When the bone and gum tissue begins to disappear, your physical appearance will suffer because of it. The main thing that will happen, besides having no teeth to make up a smile, is that your jaw will shrink. This shrinkage can lead to more wrinkles on your face and greatly change your appearance, making you look older.

Dr. Das explains the how All-on-Four Dental Implants can help improve your facial appearance

Teeth in a Day Patient Testimonial


“I hated my partial and would only wear it when I was around people. It covered the roof of my mouth and altered the taste of my food. I saw your advertisement for the implants with permanent teeth and knew that’s what I wanted. I was asleep during the whole procedure, so I really didn’t even know I had it done. The night of the procedure I was able to eat with my new teeth, and the next day I didn’t even need pain medication. I’m able to eat what I want with no problems. I would highly recommend the “Teeth-in-an-Hour” procedure, in fact, I plan to do my bottom teeth when the time comes.”

— Jim Spears

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The Teeth in a Day treatment not only improves your teeth but your whole facial appearance. You can look and feel years younger. Don’t wait any longer, call us today at 281-557-8097 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Das can give you your smile back!

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