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Ridge Augmentation

Ridge Augmentation | Lost tooth Webster TX | Houston

When you lose teeth, other parts of your mouth will be negatively affected as a result. That is why ridge augmentations are used at Clear Lake Dental Care. A ridge augmentation is performed when your gums and bone have lost mass after a tooth extraction or tooth loss and can no longer provide the appearance or functionality they did before. Our experienced staff will get your mouth looking and working normal again after your gums have been damaged by loss of teeth.

Losing teeth can cause extreme damage to your oral health. The loss of teeth can result in the deterioration of bone and gum tissue, and that is why you need a tooth replacement like dental implants to keep your smile looking good. Before you can have any of these smile-restoring procedures, you’ll have to make sure that your gums can support whatever tooth replacement option you have chosen. That is where a ridge augmentation will come into play.

What Will Happen in Your Ridge Augmentation Procedure

A ridge augmentation procedure uses very similar materials as a bone graft procedure. What happens when you lose a tooth is that the socket of the tooth is left vacant. If you have a socket that is vacant, you are putting yourself in danger of having infection take hold because food can get stuck inside of your empty socket. To fill the empty socket, our doctor or our amazing staff will use a bone substitute material to fill the socket and help even out your gumline.

Once the bone graft material is placed in the socket, the socket will need to be re-covered with the gum tissue to give your gumline a more natural look. Doing this will also allow for bone to continue to grow and make the ridge of your gums strong enough to have dental implants placed.

The Next Step After Your Ridge Augmentation

After your ridge augmentation, you’ll need to replace your missing teeth with one of our fantastic options at Clear Lake Dental Care. Perhaps the healthiest way to replace teeth is through placing dental implants. The reason that dental implants are so healthy is because they will replace the roots of your teeth, which will ensure that the gum tissue and bone will not deteriorate.

If the teeth that you’ve lost are not replaced, there are numerous problems that can happen, perhaps the most noticeable being the change in your appearance. Your appearance will change because of the deterioration of the bone in your jaw. Your jaw will begin to shrink and you’ll end up having that very recognizable small lower jaw look common with people who have not replaced their lost teeth.

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