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Throughout the world of modern medicine, we place a great deal of importance on expedited healing. The faster patients can recover from procedures, the lower their risk of complications such as infection. For several years, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) has been integrated into medical treatments to achieve this goal. Now, the same nutrient-dense substance is used in dentistry. We are pleased to offer PRP services to patients of our Webster, TX practice.

What is PRP?

PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, is an organic substance; it is part of the body’s blood. Over the course of many years of research, science has discovered that PRP contains numerous growth factors that are involved in tissue healing. As the use of PRP has continued in hospitals, the technique of extracting platelets from other blood products has improved. It has improved to such an extent that we now only need about 5 cc of blood to obtain an adequate amount of PRP for smaller procedures that are conducted in the office setting.

How is PRP extracted?

Platelets are in the plasma of the blood. To obtain these substances, we conduct a blood draw from the arm. This is no different than you would expect at a routine health physical. After blood is collected, we place the vial into a centrifuge. This small piece of equipment spins the vial of blood at high speed. After just a few minutes, this spinning separates the red blood cells and other fluid from plasma, the colorless substance that delivers healing ingredients into tissue.

How is PRP used in dentistry?

The high concentration of platelets in blood plasma is useful because this substance produces highly differentiated cells. These cells are particularly geared toward bone regeneration and an increase in vascularity. These characteristics of PRP make the substance extremely beneficial in procedures like bone grafting for dental implants, ridge augmentation procedures, repair of bone defects, and sinus lift procedures.

benefits of PRP

Dental Implants and PRP Webster, TX

The role of platelet-rich plasma is to aid in healing. By introducing PRP directly into an area that needs repair, we accelerate the body’s usage of its normal healing pathways. One of the actions in which PRP is involved is the creation of blood clots to halt bleeding after a surgical procedure. PRP also contains numerous growth factors, each of which stimulates stem cells to regenerate tissue. The body naturally sends platelets to wounds to heal them. Our use of PRP after certain procedures maximizes the quantity of platelets available for tissue repair.In addition to tissue regeneration, PRP contains bone morphogenic protein. Studies have indicated that this protein induces new bone growth. This is of particular relevance to any dental procedure in which bone regeneration would be ideal. For example, incorporating PRP, and thus bone morphogenic protein, with bone substitute particles around a dental implant increases the speed and predictability of treatment outcomes.

In addition to speeding up the recovery process after a dental procedure, PRP is also advantageous because it comes from the body. Therefore, there is no risk of adverse reaction or allergic response to the used product.
An Outline of PRP Advantages
Platelet-rich plasma is:

  • Safe. A byproduct of the patient’s own blood does not pose a risk of disease transmission, rejection, or other adverse reaction.
  • Convenient. We obtain PRP right in the office during the procedure, when the product is in a fully active state.
  • Cost-effective. We draw blood here in the office, which eliminates the cost of outside lab fees. Only a small amount of blood is collected during a normal blood draw.
  • Effective. Numerous studies indicate that PRP saturates new wounds with growth factors and increased vascularization, leading to faster tissue regeneration, including bone.

reasons to not use PRP

There are very few contradictions to the use of platelet-rich plasma in medical or dental procedures. People with a hematologic disease or bleeding disorder may be among the few who may not be good candidates for PRP.

risks of using PRP

Platelet-rich plasma is an extremely safe substance that is collected using sterile, sanitary practices. There is very little risk that blood could be contaminated due to strict guidelines that keep blood contained at all times. Usually, less than 30 minutes passes from the time blood is collected to the time it is used.

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