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Dental Implants: Effectively Replacing Your Missing Teeth

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Dental implants are the most realistic-looking and healthiest way to replace your missing teeth. They are the most stable option available because they are firmly connected to your jaw. They also keep your jaw healthy because they act as replacement roots for your teeth. Dental implants are a decision that will last for a lifetime, especially as Dr. Das is highly trained to place traditional implants, permanent teeth replacement, Teeth in a Day, and immediate implants. He performs all of these procedures out of his comfortable office in Webster, TX!

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are small rods of titanium resembling a screw. They are inserted into your jaw and attached to replacement teeth to create a strong and beautiful smile. When implants are inserted, they immediately begin to merge with the bone in your jaw and act as the roots of your teeth, which ensure that you don’t fall victim to bone and gum tissue loss.

Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day is a quick and effective way to get replacement teeth in your mouth and working as quickly as possible. This procedure is so convenient because it only takes one day for Dr. Das to place both implants and replacement teeth in your mouth. You will walk out of our office with a smile on your face.

Permanent Teeth Replacement

Our permanent teeth replacement system places four implants in your jaw – two in the front, two angled in the back – that are then anchored to replacement teeth. This makes for a healthy, secure smile. Not only does this option provide you with functional replacement teeth, but it will also make sure that you don’t suffer from the loss of gum tissue and bone surrounding your teeth.

Immediate Implants

Immediate implants are placed in your mouth in the same visit as your replacement teeth, whether crowns, bridges, or dentures. A great example of immediate implants would be Teeth in a Day, in which implants are attached to crowns or dentures in the same visit.

Missing Teeth Problems If Left Untreated

The number one thing that people know about dental implants is that they will give you a beautiful smile through replacing missing teeth with new, functional teeth. But perhaps the most important thing that dental implants do is that they greatly improve your oral health. When you lose teeth, the roots of those teeth go along with them. When you lose the roots of your teeth, the bone and gum tissue that once surrounded that tooth no longer have anything to support.

What will happen when the bone and gum tissue no longer have a tooth to support is that they will begin to deteriorate. When they begin to deteriorate, it will not only affect your oral health but it will also have a great influence on your appearance. The reason that your appearance will change is because the loss of bone and gum tissue will shrink your jaw. When your jaw shrinks, it will cause more wrinkles to show up on your face, which will make you look older than you really are!

Benefit of Dental Implants

The most amazing thing that dental implants do is replace the roots of your teeth to ensure that gum tissue and bone don’t deteriorate. The dental implants are inserted into your jaw and effectively take the place of the roots that were lost along with your natural teeth. Once the implants are placed, your replacement teeth can be attached to them to give you a perfectly beautiful smile that is also functional!

If you choose not to replace your missing teeth, or even replace them with ineffective dentures, you won’t be able to eat all of the foods that you love because your teeth won’t be able to chew them without breaking or becoming damaged. When you are making the decision about how to replace your missing teeth, remember that the healthiest replacement option is dental implants at Clear Lake Dental Care!

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