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Having a dentist in Webster, TX, that can craft and place a dental crown for you in the same day is a great gift. Many dental practices require you to make multiple appointments where you’ll be fitted for the crown in the first visit and, weeks later, you’ll come in again and have the crown placed. Imagine the time that you’ll save yourself by having to come into the office for only one appointment!

Our staff at Clear Lake Dental Care is excited to offer CEREC® same-day dental crowns and restorations. Instead of waiting several weeks for a crown, you can have stunning, permanent teeth in just a few hours. No temporaries and no waiting!

What is CEREC®?

CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics which is a multi-instrument system conveniently located in our Webster office. This system features an infrared digital camera, a computer with 3-D imaging software, and an in-house milling machine with diamond blades. Traditionally, this process can take several weeks to complete but CEREC creates restorations in just one visit. Patients can now leave their appointment with a permanent solution to their dental problems.

The CEREC® Restoration Process

First, our staff at Clear Lake Dental Care will prepare your teeth. Next, they will take scans and send the detailed images to the CEREC® computer. The camera is used instead of dental putty for an impression. The CEREC software then makes a 3D visual model of your tooth from the pictures that were taken.

Then, once our staff is satisfied with the model they will send it to the milling machine. The milling machine carves the custom crown out of a single block of porcelain. This porcelain is high-quality and comes in a range of colors to match each patient’s existing teeth.

Finally, Dr. Das will polish and bond the completed crown into the patient’s mouth. The entire procedure takes one visit and lasts about 30 minutes in total.

Traditional Crowns vs CEREC® Same-Day Crowns

Dental crowns are caps that encase the entire tooth. Dentists often use them to restore a tooth that has severe decay or damage. Crowns, inlays/onlays, and veneers are called “indirect” restorations because they are made in advance in the laboratory and placed later. It usually takes multiple appointments and several weeks for teeth preparation, crown design, and placement.

With CEREC, our staff at Clear Lake Dental Care can design and create crowns and veneers in just one day, eliminating the wait. A common misconception is that because we create and place your crown in just one day that the crown will be of lower quality. The fact is that the crowns are of the highest quality porcelain and will be functional and beautiful once they are in your mouth.

Benefits of CEREC® Crowns

There are many benefits to CEREC Same Day crowns. Instead of a ceramist that makes the crown by hand and waiting for multiple appointments, everything is computerized, from teeth impressions to crown milling. This system streamlines the restoration process for our staff as well as our patients. Some of the many other benefits include:

    • Beauty – with a wide range of color options your CEREC crown will match the color and appearance of the rest of your teeth allowing for a natural looking replacement.
    • Care – CEREC restorations do not require any extra care so patients can treat them as they would the rest of their teeth and be sure they will last for a long time.
    • Convenience – instead of multiple visits and temporary crowns CEREC allows us to design and place the crowns on the same day.
    • Strength – The CEREC system uses high-quality porcelain to create crowns that can withstand extreme temperatures from food or drinks. Patients will not have to worry about cracking their tooth.

Making of CEREC Same Day Crown

CEREC® Results

After the CEREC procedure patients may experience tooth sensitivity. This can occur if the restored tooth still contains the nerve. For a short period of time after the procedure, until the tooth has adjusted, patients should stay away from extremely hot or cold temperatures.

Aside from sensitivity, patients can expect their teeth to all function, appear and be treated the same. With proper oral care such as brushing, flossing, and regular checkups patients should not experience any long-term problems with the restored tooth.

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One thing that you can be sure about is that each one of our doctors and elite staff possesses the training and expertise needed to perform CEREC Same-day crowns. We can’t wait to help you achieve the teeth you desire in a day at Clear Lake Dental Care. Call 281-557-8097 to schedule a consultation today!

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