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Halloween Survival Guide: How to Take Better Care of Your Dentures

Dentures Care Webster, TX | HoustonIf you want to scare off your kids and grandchildren this Halloween, consider placing your dentures in a jar on the kitchen counter for everyone to see— that’s enough to give little ones the fright of their life. And although one of the best parts about Halloween is scaring or getting scared, the best part is the candy— even if as an adult. If you have dentures, however, candy can be scarier than visiting a haunted house. So, how can you take care of your dentures and still enjoy some sweet treats?

Avoid The Sticky Stuff

The best way to get your dentures out of a sticky situation is to avoid sticky candy, to begin with. Although taffy, caramel, and other sticky candy may be one of your favorites, they can easily adhere to your dentures and make it hard for them to come off— leaving you having to spend extra time cleaning them. Additionally, if the candy is too sticky, it can damage your dentures.

Stick to Chocolate

If you are going to choose a sweet treat to munch on this Halloween, go for the chocolate. Even though chocolate typically contains a high amount of sugar, it’s easier on your teeth than other candies. As a suggestion, avoid chocolate that has caramel or toffee in it because as previously mentioned, the sticky texture in them can wreak serious havoc on your dentures.

Always Brush

Patients often assume that because dentures are artificial teeth, they don’t have to brush them, but that is beyond misleading. It’s important that you not only brush your dentures after every meal but that you soak them in a cleaning solution every night before bed— the combination of these two things will help you avoid contracting an oral infection.

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