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Let’s Get Techy: Why Technology Matters to Us

With technology running just about every part of our lives, it would make sense that even your dentist would use it, right? Here at our office, we have embraced all sorts of dental technologies to not only make us better dentists but to also make sure that you and all of the rest of our […]

Dental Implants Restored His Smile & Confidence In Dentistry[Video]

Doug is one of our patient success stories, and today, we’re sharing his testimonial with you. A previous experience left Doug feeling pretty skeptical about having more procedures to correct his dental problems. Now he’s glad he gave Dr. Das a chance when it was time for his dental implant four years ago. Doug recommends […]

We Love To See You Smile In Webster, Tx! [Video]

Few things are more rewarding for us at Clear Lake Dental Care than seeing our patients experience a smile transformation. It’s like witnessing them become a whole new person! Today, we want you to hear what Dr. Das has to say about watching patients fall in love with their smiles and why it’s one of […]

Dental Implants: Caring Dentists, Confident Patients [Video]

Do you have missing teeth or teeth that have been damaged after years of root canals and cavities? Dental implants might be just what you need for a beautiful, natural looking smile! Today, we’re sharing Jennifer’s story with you. She had 20 years worth of damaged teeth to correct, so she did her research on […]

Invisalign Or Six Month Smiles: Which Is Better For You? [Quiz]

Thinking about straightening your teeth but not sure which method is best for you? Take today’s quiz to see if you lean toward Invisalign or more toward Six Month Smiles. Both are great options if you’re looking for a discreet, yet effective method for improving the appearance of your smile. Obviously, the best thing to […]

Revisit These TMD Blogs, And Then Visit Us! [Blog Collection]

When you’re suffering from the painful symptoms of TMJ disorder, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on online searches to find relief. That’s why we’re sharing our best blogs over the last year about tmj disorder and treatment options at your Webster, TX dental office. At Clear Lake Dental Care, we […]

Your Gums: To Know Them is To Love Them

Quick! What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words ‘gum disease’?   If you’re like many people, you might have spent the last few seconds trapped in a toothless nightmare of scary images. You wouldn’t necessarily be wrong.   But did you know that not all gum disease has to […]

You can Have Fewer Appointment, Better Dental Results

I’ve yet to meet anyone at my Webster dental office who didn’t want straight, beautiful teeth. The problems was that, for decades, achieving this was easier said than done. That’s not the case any longer. Treatments like orthodontics or placing dental crowns can now be completed with more ease than ever before. Today I want […]

See What Our Patients Are Saying About Dental Implants {VIDEO}

Having served the Webster TX area for many years, we have seen many different dental complications. Patients have come to my office with missing teeth, terrible dentures — basically anything you can imagine. Dental implants have become a special interest of mine. I have trained to offer many types of dental implants to restore single missing […]

No More Fear and Pain At the Dentist {VIDEO]

Our Webster TX dental team wants you to know that it’s OK to be scared or fearful of the dentist. About 20 percent of Americans are afraid of the dentist, or at least have some form of dental anxiety. But we asked that you don’t let fear guide your oral health. Things thing tooth decay […]

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