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Why do I experience sensitive teeth after dental treatments?

Tooth pain and sensitivity can be mild to severe, depending on the underlying problem. Some patients in the Webster, TX area have tooth sensitivity when enjoying foods or beverages that are extremely hot or extremely cold. Others may experience a major toothache due to infection. Pain and sensitivity can also occur immediately following dental work, which is often done to relieve patients of pain. So what can be done for post-treatment sensitivity, and why does it occur?

What causes post-treatment sensitivity?

When patients are undergoing a dental treatment at Clear Lake Dental Care and Implant Center, their teeth are often anesthetized and sedatives may be used to relax patients. The dentist will use instruments and tools to perform the operation needed, whether it be the placement of a dental crown or removal of decay. Because the tooth is numbed during the treatment, patients will not feel any discomfort. However, as the anesthetics wear off over the next few hours, patients may experience some sensitivity in the treated tooth, especially if they are biting or chewing foods that may put pressure on the tooth.

What can I do for post-treatment sensitivity?

  • Use medication. Before the procedure, most patients will benefit from over-the-counter pain medications prior to their arrival at the dental office. This medication can also be taken after the appointment as directed for a day or two following the treatment to manage discomfort.
  • Change sides. If you typically chew food on the right side of your mouth, and this is the side treatment was performed, switch to chewing on the other side to rest the treated tooth and help it heal properly.
  • Consider a change in diet for a day or two. Pressure is what causes the sensitivity that results after dental treatments, so think about the consumption of softer foods after dental procedures such as soups, yogurt, or pastas.

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