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What Are the Benefits of Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-Rays Webster | Houston TXYou may have had to have an X-ray on your arm when you were a kid to see if it was broken or not, but X-rays are also used in dentistry as a way for us to check on your overall oral health— specifically the bones in your mouth. And although traditional X-rays are still used in many dental offices, here at our Clear Lake Dental office we use digital X-ray sand fin that they’re a little more efficient. Why?

They are Environmentally Friendly

Having to print off clients’ X-rays multiple times a day is not something that’s going to leave a good imprint on the environment. With digital X-rays, we get rid of the need to print them out and can just look at them on our computers instead, which is way more environmentally friendly.

It’s Easy to Share Your X-rays

If you have to go to an endodontist or periodontist for a more specialized oral procedure, we can easily transfer your digital X-rays through email or the cloud, which makes it so they can get your X-ray results right away without having to wait at all.

Less Radiation

You may be surprised to know this, but digital X-rays use 90 percent— yes, you read that right— less radiation than traditional film X-rays which is way better for your health and body.

Higher Quality Images

It’s one thing when we can pull your X-rays up on our computers and show them to you right away, but it’s another thing to see how much better quality the images are. Traditional X-rays can be hard to see sometimes, but with digital X-rays, we can show you a crisper image every time.

You may not think much about the X-rays that you are getting done when you got to the dentist, but we do. We make sure to provide all of our patients with the best technology and results; including with our X-ray technology. To learn more about our digital X-rays or to schedule an appointment, contact our Webster office today and give us a call at 281-557-8097.

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