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What are dental bridges and how do they work to restore the smile?

Patients in the area of Webster, TX who are looking to replace a single tooth or several teeth in a row are often advised to consider the advantages of dental bridges. Dental bridges are a wonderful option for patients who want something long-term but find dental implants to be too expensive. Additionally, many patients who have dental insurance will find that their provider offers benefits to reduce the overall cost of dental bridges, making them extremely attainable with a lowered out-of-pocket expense.

What is a dental bridge and how does it work?

A dental bridges is a restoration that is made from porcelain to replace one or more teeth in a row in the dental arch. This restoration uses the adjacent teeth to support both sides while allowing a false tooth to slide in place where it is needed. This false tooth, called a pontic, is fabricated at the same time and fused to the dental crowns on both ends. The dental bridge is made to match the patient’s existing teeth in size, shape, and color to ensure the restoration looks natural when bonded in place.

When the bridge is complete, patients will have a beautiful smile to share with others! They will notice improvement in their ability to eat and speak, while maintaining the confidence to laugh, smile, and talk with others without feeling self-conscious about the gaps left behind from missing teeth. The placement of a dental bridge also keeps the surrounding teeth from shifting out of place and becoming drastically misaligned.

Who is a candidate for a dental bridge?

Most patients with healthy surrounding teeth will benefit from the placement of a dental bridge when missing one or more teeth in the arch. During a consultation appointment, our dentists will evaluate an individual to determine if they are a good fit for this or other alternatives based on their unique needs.

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