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Throw Your Dentures in the Trash

Tooth loss in Texas is a major problem. Thousands of residents struggle with missing teeth or wear dentures to fill the gap caused by missing teeth. Missing teeth can be  an eyesore but also deplete your health and lifestyle.

This is why our Webster TX dental office provides several options to replace missing teeth. We can replace single missing teeth, secure your dentures, or replace your missing teeth without dentures.

Removable dentures are the most common way to replace missing teeth. Well, removable dentures don’t replace missing teeth so much as they fill the gap caused by missing teeth. People who struggle with removable dentures either have to worry about their teeth flying out of their mouth. To combat the slippery dentures, people often stabilize their dentures with adhesives. But adhesives can be uncomfortable and fail.

There is a way to throw away your dentures for good. Don’t you want to live a life without dentures? … WITHOUT adhesives? … WITHOUT the food limitations? … WITHOUT being self-conscious that your teeth might fly out of your mouth during dinner or when you seek?

You can achieve all of these things with dental implants and our special bridge restorations. This permanent tooth replacement option is a great alternative to removable dentures because you can enjoy your favorite foods again. And the teeth do not come out of your mouth.

Permanent teeth that won’t budge!

We’re able to provide stable, permanent teeth to you because of dental implants, Dental implants are made from titanium and are biocompatible, meaning they merge with the jaw bone. Once we place the implant into the jaw, the bone will heal around the implant. This process — which is known as osseointegration — provides the stability so we can restore your implants with lifelike restorations. With your new restorations, you can bite into a crunchy apple, enjoy a juicy steak, pizza — all of your favorite foods. From nuts to sticky foods, it’s all back on the menu!

New Tastes and Sensations

A traditional set of removable dentures includes an upper and lower denture. The lower denture rests on the gums. Many patients try to stabilize this with adhesives. The upper denture, on the other hand, is held is by suction. A traditional upper denture will cover your upper palate. With the upper palate covered, you’re limited in your what you can taste. You also can’t feel the sensation of hot coffee or soup. That may seem like a small problem, but it’s something many denture wearers long to experience once again. Our permanent replacement teeth do not cover the upper palate, making them look and feel more natural than dentures.

Schedule a Visit Today … Get Your Treatment in One Day

If you’re struggling with dentures, we can give you permanent replacement teeth in one day. We can even remove failing teeth and place dental implants one the same day. You don’t need to spend weeks coming back and forth to the office to get your teeth back. Using options like sedation dentistry, we can complete EVERYTHING in one visit. Imagine erasing years of misery is just a few hours. That’s a deal many denture wearers find hard to pass up. You can start your journey to better functioning teeth today by calling our office at 281-500-9877 to schedule a consultation.

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