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How to Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Trip

Pediatric Dentistry | General Dentistry Webster TX As parents, it’s easy to forget that our children are experiencing everything for the very first time— including going to the dentist. If your child refuses to get out of the car when you pull up to the dentist or throws a temper tantrum when you even mention the “D” word you are certainly not alone— after all, that’s why sedation dentistry was invented in the first place.

Rewards Never Hurt

Yes, it’s true that your child doesn’t need to be rewarded for everything they do but a trip to the dentist— especially when they’re scared— is worth at least a tiny reward. Just make sure that their reward isn’t going to harm their teeth. Rather than taking them out to a sweet treat like an ice cream cone, suggest an afternoon spent at a new park or even a matinee movie.

Focus on the Positive

If your child is only hearing the negative parts of going to the dentist, then it’s no wonder that they will be scared. When preparing them for their first cleaning or examination, make sure to emphasize the positives: clean teeth, a healthy smile, a new experience, and a brand new toothbrush to take home with them afterward. And remember that even if you have a negative dental experience, to not talk about it in front of them— this will only make matters worse.

Come to the Right Office

If your child enters a dental office where there’s complete and utter chaos around them, it will just increase their anxiety. Make sure that you take your child to a dental office that’s calm that has experience with dental anxiety, and that has a staff who can make your child feel better— no matter how scared they may be.

Our Clear Lake Dental Care office provides patients with the ease and comfort they need during dental examinations and procedures. Our team is dedicated to helping your little one stay calm and comfortable during their cleaning. Schedule your child’s cleaning online with our Webster office today or call us at 281-557-8097.

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