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How Six Month Smiles can change your look

Six Month Smiles Webster, TXThe teeth near the front of the smile are the most noticeable, and leave a lasting first impression on those you meet. When the smile is improperly aligned, or gaps are present, you may feel self-conscious of how you look. If you are located in the area of Webster, TX and want to speak to our team about orthodontic solutions, we encourage you to ask for Six Month Smiles by name!

What is Six Month Smiles?

Drs. Piyuse Das, An Pham, and Grisel Acevedo Rivera describe Six Month Smiles as an alternative to traditional braces for mild cases of misalignment. Six Month Smiles still uses brackets and wires to reposition the teeth, but does so with tooth-colored appliances. Additionally, because Six Month Smiles focuses primarily on the teeth on the front of the dental arch, improvements can be made in a much shorter period of time with gentle movement.

Why choose Six Month Smiles?

Patients with minimal or minor imperfections of the smile may want to ask the team about Six Month Smiles. This alternative eliminates the need for metal brackets and wires that are unsightly and embarrassing. The tooth-colored brackets and wires are far less noticeable and allow patients to feel confident in their appearance, even with braces in place. The movement achieved with this method of treatment is done quickly and simply, with less visits to the dental office for adjustments. Additionally, Six Month Smiles is comparable in cost with traditional orthodontics while being less noticeable on the smile.

Who is a candidate for Six Month Smiles?

Patients with mild misalignment of the anterior teeth are often the best candidates for Six Month Smiles. We encourage patients to book a consultation visit with our dentists at Clear Lake Dental Care and Implant Center to find out if they are a good candidate for this or other orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, another solution available for patient consideration.

Considering Six Month Smiles?

Speak to the team at Clear Lake Dental Care and Implant Center today. Drs. Piyuse Das, An Pham, and Grisel Acevedo Rivera of Webster, TX are here to help. The practice is located at 202 West Medical Center Boulevard and can be reached at (281) 557-8097.

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