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Dentures 101: How to Properly Take Care of Your False Teeth

Restorative Dentistry Webster, TX | Clear Lake Dental CareRestorative dentistry offers patients an excellent way to improve not only their physical appearance but their ability to chew and function like normal once again. If you have started to lose bone mass in your jaw, your teeth have begun to decay, or you just have never had a healthy smile, then you may want to consider dentures. By giving you a whole new set of teeth, it’s imperative that you know how to properly take care of them. Read on to learn more.

Soak Them In A Cleaning Solution Every Night

When it comes time to get ready for bed, doing things like washing your face and soaking your dentures may be the last thing you want to do. However, they are some of the most important things that you do. By soaking your dentures in a cleaning solution every night before bed, you can get rid of harmful germs and bacteria that can cause further dental problems. Just remember to rinse out the container before you put new, clean solution in it.

Brush Them

Even though your dentures aren’t your real teeth, they can still be susceptible to harmful plaque and bacteria. To ensure that your dentures stay in the best shape possible, make sure to brush them at least twice a day.

Rinse After Eating

Just like with your regular teeth, dentures can get food trapped on and around them. To keep your dentures as clean as possible, make sure that you take them out of your mouth and rinse them after every meal. If you are at a restaurant and are embarrassed by doing this in public, excuse yourself and go to the restroom where you will have more privacy.

By following these helpful tips every day, you can ensure that your dentures last as long as possible. To learn more about dentures and your overall oral health, contact Clear Lake Dental Care today and schedule an appointment with our office!




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