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How to Deal With Sensitive Teeth

General Dentistry Webster, TXYou may be on the emotionally sensitive side of the fence; you cry at movies, commercials, and you even get your feelings hurt on occasion. Even though you may have a sensitive personality, that doesn’t mean your teeth have to be the same. If you have started to notice that your teeth are sensitive to both extremely cold and hot foods, then you may have sensitive teeth. This article will discuss a little more about this condition and list a few things you can do to get rid of it. Read on to learn more.

How Are Sensitive Teeth Caused?

Your teeth are made up of different layers including the top layer called the enamel, the middle layer called the dentin, and the bottom layer called the pulp. When your enamel is eroded down by things like acidic beverages, it can cause your dentin to be exposed. Because your dentin houses your nerves, when it is exposed, it can make your teeth feel extremely sensitive.

How Are They Diagnosed?

If you start to notice some tooth sensitivity, contact the dentists at Clear Lake Dental Care and schedule an appointment to have an x-ray. An x-ray examination will be able to help your dentist take a closer look at your dentin to see if it is in fact exposed. If it is, then you can start treatment.

How Are They Treated?

Typically as the first step in treating teeth sensitivity, we encourage our patients to use toothpaste like Sensodyne. Sensodyne has a numbing agent in it that will numb your dental nerves making them unresponsive— leaving you without the sensitivity to hot or cold foods/beverages. If that doesn’t work, your dentist may apply a layer of fluoride across your teeth to help strengthen the enamel. As another option, we can perform a gum grafting procedure or even a root canal to get rid of the pulp and the dental nerve pain.

Having sensitive teeth is enough to make you want to scream. Not only can it make eating ice cream painful but it is an indication of weak teeth as well. To learn more about tooth sensitivity and how they can be treated, contact the dentists at Clear Lake Dental Care today to schedule an appointment!



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