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The Benefits of One Stop Dental Offices

The Benefits of One Stop Dental Offices | Clear Lake Dental CareWhen it comes to your oral health, you may not think much about the logistics of everything. For instance, there are many dental offices that only specialize in basic dental cleanings and refer their patients out for more complex surgeries like root canals. Although it’s good to know you’re always in the hand of an expert, it can often feel like an inconvenience. Luckily, here at Clear Lake Dental Care, we try to keep all of our patients and their procedures in our office. In fact, only in rare instances to we refer our patients out. This article will list the benefits of having a one stop dental office. Read on to learn more.

Less Explanation

When you come into Clear Lake Dental Care, our staff will be familiar with your dental chart, history, and any current conditions that you have— meaning that you won’t have to explain your condition or history to us. However, if you are being shuffled around by another dentist office, you may have to repeat your dental concerns and conditions over and over again.

More Convenient

One of the best parts about having a one-stop dental office is that it’s easier for you. Rather than feeling like you’re being shuffled around from one dentist to the next, you only have one place to be: at our dental office with our staff of professionals. And, we can often perform multiple procedures in just one visit so that you don’t have to take extra time off of work or away from your family.

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Although rare, there are some circumstances where we may have to refer you to a professional for a procedure. However, we like to keep most of our patients and their procedures in-office. By creating an environment that’s clear and convenient, we know that we can keep our patients happy time and time again. To learn more about your dental care, call Clear Lake Dental Care today at 281-557-8097!

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