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3 Things to Know About a Sinus Lift

Sinus Lifts Webster, TX | HoustonYou may do some occasional heavy lifting, want a face lift, and can maybe even lift more weight than your friends are even aware of but have you ever heard of a sinus lift? A sinus lift is a surgical procedure that is designed to lift your sinuses to make more room for your upper jaw for procedures like dental implants. To help you better understand this procedure, we have created a brief, informative guide. Read on to learn more.

How Is the Surgery Performed?

During a sinus lift surgery, one of our oral surgeons will cut the gum tissue near the back of the mouth, exposing the bone. The membrane lining the sinus is then gently pushed up and away from your jaw— leaving more room in your upper mouth. Then, a bone graft material will be packed into space where the sinus was. Once the bone graft has been placed, your mouth will be stitched up, and your implants will be placed several months later depending on your healing time.

When Will I Need It?

During your dental consultation with our office at Clear Lake Dental Care, we will not only do a physical examination, but we will take x-rays as well to get a comprehensive look at your jaw and facial structure. Reasons we may recommend a sinus lift include:

  • If you have experienced significant bone loss due to periodontal disease to support dental implants.
  • If your molars need some more bone added to them so that the dental implants stay in place.
  • If your sinus cavity is too close to your upper jaw.

Schedule a Consultation

Typically, when you go to other dental offices to get a sinus lift, they will send you to a specialist and then will have you come back for the implant procedure. Luckily, here at Clear Lake Dental Care, we can perform your sinus lift and implants all from the comfort of our very own office— making it a more convenient procedure for you.

If you would like to learn more about a sinus lift surgery or if you would like to schedule a consultation, call Clear Lake Dental Care today at 281-557-8097 to schedule an appointment with our staff!

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