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3 Huge Advantages of Cosmetic Dentistry

What can you gain from a great smile? That’s the question we try to answer every day at our Webster TX dental office. With everything we do, we look to provide beauty and function. It doesn’t matter if we’re fixing a cavity or replacing a missing tooth.

Being a comprehensive dental practice, we implement the latest technology and care. We have the capability to replace teeth in one day, correct crooked teeth, and to treat your sleep apnea issues. We also spend much of our time focusing on cosmetic dental issues, like whitening teeth, repairing damaged teeth, or restoring teeth with chips, cracks, or stains.

You may think that cosmetic dentistry is about vanity or something that is only affordable to the rich and famous. That’s not the case. Cosmetic dentistry can be affordable and convenient for people from all walks of life. By simply changing the color of the teeth, we can enhance the smile. By fixing one tooth, we can enhance the smile.

  1. You’ll look better. This is an obvious advantage of cosmetic dentistry. But do you know just how important your smile is? According to a study from Kelton Global, the smile is the more important aspect of making a good first impression. It matters more than what you are wearing or even the first words you say when meeting someone. Obviously cosmetic dentistry is intended to make you look better, but we also have evidence that shows the effect your cosmetic dentistry will have on others.
  1. You’ll feel better. Many cosmetic dental treatments like orthodontics can literally relieve your pain. These treatments can make the teeth connect better and relieve jaw pains. That’s how you’ll physically feel better, but you’ll also feel better emotionally. People who fix their smiles, find themselves becoming more outgoing in social situations and even find themselves in new careers. It seems like a small change, but we’ve seen cosmetic dentistry open people up to new opportunities in their professional and romantic lives.     
  1. Better oral health. Cosmetic dentistry is just about looks. When you complete cosmetic treatments like straightening teeth, we can improve your oral health. We use short-orthodontic systems Six Months Smiles and Invisalign to straighten teeth. When we straighten the teeth, the teeth become easier to clean. Plaque loves to hide in hard-to-reach places, so we can create fewer hard-to-reach areas by straightening the teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry is more about having a great smile. Great dentistry can change your life. You might get that promotion you have always wanted. Or maybe you can finally smile without feeling self-conscious. Whatever your goals, we can help you at Clear Lake Dental Care. Our staff are experts in handling preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dental procedures.  

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