Everybody automatically associates dentists with pain. Like I said, I did it for the longest time until I came here. And like I said with the atmosphere and the way that everybody is, I enjoyed it so much because it’s almost like you’re not going to the dentist, you’re going someplace to where you can goof, you can joke, you’re in and out, it’s just the hospitality. The one thing that I’ve noticed with Clear Lake Dental is that they’re very comforting, like whenever you get here – the big thing for me is sedation, I still have a fear of that whole needle thing, and they do sedation here – so when I come in, I take my pill, it’s a little bit of sleepy time, and then when I wake up, I’m all better.

Ever since I got my work done here at Clear Lake Dental, my confidence goes from here, to like way up high. And it’s really crazy because for so many years, my smile would consist of no teeth, so now, whenever I smile, it’s like, I show them off and I’ve been complimented so much on them. They’re fast, they’re efficient, and they know what they’re doing. It’s not like it’s a fly-by night business. They’re really good at what they do and they care, and that’s my biggest thing. A lot of places that you go to these days just seem very corporate, and here you get a very homesense feeling, like you are welcome, like you are part of a family.That’s a big deal to me. He’s awesome. I mean, hands down, you’re not going to find a better man than that. He’s just caring and compassionate in what he does. He’s not a guy who walks around like most doctors or dentists or somebody that would make money, he’s just very passionate about what he does. Dr. Das is a great guy and I would highly recommend him to anybody.