When you lose teeth, it is extremely important that you have those teeth replaced. The main reason you should have your missing teeth replaced is because it is what’s best for your oral health. If you don’t have your teeth replaced with dental implants, the next best thing is to have them replaced with dentures. In Webster, TX, you will be hard-pressed to find a dental practice that does a better job creating dentures than Clear Lake Dental Care. When we provide you with dentures, you won’t be able to stop smiling because your teeth will look that amazing!

Getting Dentures Placed

The process of having dentures created and placed will take a few visits to our office. It will begin with having a mold made of your mouth so the lab that creates the dentures can custom fit them just for you. Having dentures that are custom tailored to your mouth is very important because it is key that your dentures fit correctly to be comfortable. We will make sure that your dentures fit right because the last thing that anyone wants is a set of dentures that are loose. The lab that makes your permanent dentures will first make a model of what your final dentures will look and feel like so you can try them on and see if they fit you the way they should. If they fit right, they will go back and create your permanent dentures that will become your new smile!

When it comes to immediate dentures, they will be placed in one office visit immediately after tooth extractions and are usually used as a temporary tooth replacement option while you wait for your permanent option to be ready. While these dentures are temporary, that doesn’t mean that they will not give you a great smile. In fact, they will make your smile look amazing and help your teeth function until your permanent option is ready to place.

The Importance of Replacing Missing Teeth

You already know the health and chewing difficulties missing teeth brings. But what about the social problems associated with missing teeth? If you lose teeth and choose not to replace them, you are asking for negative attention to be drawn to you that you don’t want. Replacing missing teeth is fairly common at our office, and we offer many options in which you can do so. So if you choose not to replace missing teeth, some people may view you in a negative light for numerous reasons (including trouble chewing and speaking). Why suffer from the health and social downfalls you can be plagued with from missing teeth when you can have them easily replaced with options such as dentures? We want to help you replace your missing teeth at Clear Lake Dental Care!

To find out more about dentures and other teeth replacement options such as dental implants, contact our Webster, Texas office. Call 281-557-8097 or make an appointment through our online form.