Many people ignore pains that they have in their mouth because they have a fear of the dentist that is brought about by some event they experienced in the past. The fact is that if you don’t regularly visit the dentist, you will eventually have dental problems that you’ll have to deal with later. The best thing to do is to find a dental practice that will treat you the way that you want to be treated. At Clear Lake Dental Care, we understand that certain people may not want to visit the dentist because they fear that pain will be inflicted upon them during their visit. That is why we cater to people who are a little scared or even fearful of the dentist, and we do this in a number of ways that will help you to feel comfortable while you are in our Webster, TX, office.

Sedation Dentistry to Curb Your Fear

The first thing that you may ask us about getting rid of dental fear is, “How are you going to get rid of my dental anxiety?” Our most likely option for curbing your dental fear will be through sedation dentistry. At Clear Lake Dental Care, we have a number of sedation dentistry options available to you that include nitrous oxide, oral sedation, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. Each of these options has their own way of making you calm for whatever dental procedure you may be having.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a gas that is often used in dental offices to sedate patients. Dr. Das, Dr. Darcey, and Dr. Pham are all very confident in administering nitrous oxide to the point where you will feel extremely comfortable during your entire dental procedure.

Oral Sedation

We have several types of oral remedies to dental anxiety. When you come to our office and request oral sedation, we will figure out which option is best for you. For more information about our oral sedation options, contact our office.

IV Sedation

Another way that we can help you feel relaxed during your dental procedure is through an IV. This is an easy, proven method for helping you relax while you are at our Webster, TX, office.

General Anesthesia

We also offer general anesthesia that is administered by an IV as well. This is also known as deep sedation because it is the only type of sedation that will put you to sleep so that you can be completely unaware of your treatment. You’ll be in excellent hands at Clear Lake Dental Care as we carefully monitor you throughout your procedure.

If you want to put an end to the fear that you suffer at the dentist’s office, call 281-500-9877, or use our simple online contact form.